About UOL

UOL Group Vision and Core Values


To be a robust and sustainable property and hospitality group dedicated to creating value and shaping a sustainable future

We seek to be resourceful, resilient and self-renewing.
We strive to create value for all our stakeholders.
We shape a resilient built environment for people to live, work and play.

Core Values

Passion Drives Us to be

Purposeful in all we do
Productive in deploying our resources
Perseverant in our common pursuit of excellence

Innovation Defines Us as being

Imaginative about the future
Insightful of our customers and environment
Intelligent in defining issues and finding solutions

Enterprise Propels Us to become

Expansionary in our visioning
Entrepreneurial in our dealings
Excellent in our achievements

Corporate Sustainability Responsibility Shapes Us to be

Developing better
Building good
Doing right

People, Our Leading Asset with

Professionalism and integrity
Pride and loyalty
Performance and teamwork