Our People

Our Leading Asset

People, Our Leading Asset

The Group believes that people are the biggest asset. Apart from motivating and rewarding its employees with competitive compensation, it develops them through various training and mentorship programmes.

The Group also takes pride in its culture of work-life balance and healthy lifestyle that it has cultivated in the organisation, which is another signal of its care for its employees. As a commitment to fair employment practices, it also signed the Employers’ Pledge of Fair Employment Practices with the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices.

Further, the Group provides equal employment opportunities and rewards its employees based on merit, qualifications, competence and performance without discrimination. Its global presence in particular, its hospitality arm, PPHG, provides the advantage of a diversified talent pool boasting different nationalities, age groups, backgrounds and skill-sets, enabling the contribution of broader and more enriching perspectives to the workplace.

UOL People Culture

The Group strongly believes that the quality of its People and customer-centric approach define the organisation. It developed Six Cs (Competitive, Committed, Competent, Creative, Collaborative and Caring) which are qualities and attributes that depict the unique UOL culture. The 6Cs serve to inspire its people and guide the Group in recruiting talents. These qualities shape attitude and behaviour, and are demonstrated in employees’ work conduct and interaction with each other.

Even as the Group continues to grow its business, it believes its People will stay true to the Group’s unique culture and make UOL an industry leader.

The Group defines the 6Cs and action statements as follows:

We are Competitive. We have an enterprising spirit, and are focused and driven. We are agile and responsive to stakeholders’ needs and market changes. We embrace challenges and have the will and resilience to succeed.

We are Committed. We are passionate and have a high level of ownership and self-accountability. We take responsibility for our conduct and outcomes. We are thorough and timely.

We are Competent. We take pride in quality work and professional excellence. We are proficient and knowledgeable in our areas of expertise. We are effective and have strong execution capabilities. We seek pragmatic solutions.

We are Creative. We are innovative and receptive to new ideas, opportunities and ways of doing things. We aspire to create value for the organisation.

We are Collaborative. We work as a team and leverage each other’s strengths. We look for common ground and seek to understand each other’s perspectives. We are objective and strive for win-win outcomes.

We are Caring. We value our people, treating them fairly and with respect. We endeavour to contribute to the community and build a sustainable environment.

We are Team UOL.