Our People

Our Volunteers

UOL is committed to be an active corporate citizen that fulfils meaningful charitable causes for children, youth, education and sports. Education empowers children and youth with the skills and knowledge to become valued contributors to society, while sports builds confidence and aids character development. Through its support in such projects, UOL can nurture children and youth to realise their full potential.

Putting fun into learning

(8 September 2022)

Some 20 children from Care Corner Student Care Centre were in for a good edutainment fun at United Square with 15 UOL volunteers. They toured the Art of Sustainability exhibition to view artworks created out of recycled materials and make bookmarks out of yarn and cardboard. UOL also sponsored some shopping vouchers for the children and the volunteers guided them on spending the vouchers wisely.

Lighting up hearts of the elderly

(31 August 2022)

UOL volunteers celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival with about 130 residents from AWWA Senior Community Home. Activities included making recycled lanterns and singing karaoke, followed by a sumptuous dinner and mooncakes from PARKROYAL on Kitchener Road.

Making wishes come true for children and elderly

(10 December 2021)

Together with its shoppers, UOL granted the wishes of some 200 children and elderly from Care Corner Student Care Centres, Extra•Ordinary People and AWWA Senior Community Home by purchasing Christmas presents that the beneficiaries wished for.

Festive cheer for the elderly

(3 December 2020)

This Christmas, UOL brought some cheer to about 140 residents from AWWA Senior Community Home with goodie bags. Each bag was thoughtfully packed for them, including a practicable bag for daily use for the ladies and a handy waist pouch for the gentlemen.

Bond over flowers

(22 November 2019)

Lots of laughter filled the air as 20 elderly from AWWA Senior Community Home, assisted by 13 UOL volunteers, had fun at the floral arrangement workshop held at KINEX. After a delicious lunch, the elderly went back with their proud creations and fond memories of the outing.

Inspiring children to read

(4 July 2019)

Some 21 UOL volunteers spent a delightful afternoon with 51 children from kidsREAD, a programme by the National Library Board (NLB) that promotes early reading for underprivileged children, for a storytelling activity held at the Woodlands Regional Library. Besides reading to them, the volunteers selected books and packed goodie bags with stationery sets sponsored by UOL and books sponsored by NLB, to benefit the kidsREAD children and 70 children from NLB’s WondeRead programme, which provides reading opportunities through free reading materials.

Flippin’ Fun

(21 March 2019)

Twenty children from Care Corner Student Care Centre participated in a craft activity at United Square with 13 UOL volunteers, turning discarded flip-flops into their creations and contributing to recycling in the process.