Our Approach

As a developer with a strong legacy, we are committed to our vision of creating value, shaping future by conducting our business operations in a manner that complies with high standards of corporate governance and considers environmental and social impact to sustain profitable growth.

Sustainability Vision

Our Sustainability Vision of “Less Carbon, More Life” underpins our commitment to shape a resilient built environment and contribute towards a clean, green and sustainable future.

Sustainability Framework

We developed the UOL Sustainability Framework to guide us in creating value and shaping the future for our stakeholders in a responsible and structured manner.

UOL Sustainability Framework Graphic
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Sustainability Governance Structure

The Group’s sustainability governance structure permeates functions and seniority, ensuring that sustainability is integrated both at the strategic and operational levels.

The Board of Directors oversees ESG topics and considers them in UOL’s strategic business plans. The Group’s sustainability efforts are driven by the Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC), which is chaired by both the Group Chief Executive and Chief Financial Officer, and comprises PPHG Chief Executive Officer and members of the Senior Management team. The SSC makes key decisions on UOL’s sustainability strategy. Led by the Corporate Communications & Investor Relations department, the Sustainability Working Committee (SWC) supports the SSC in sustainability plans, reporting and materiality assessment. The SWC comprises representatives across departments including Commercial and Group Marketing (Commercial), Corporate Engineering and Development (Commercial), Finance, Human Resource, Legal & Secretariat, Management Office, Project Development, and the Group’s hotel subsidiary PPHG.

UOL Sustainability Governance Structure Graphic

UOL’s sustainability reports are found here.