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Photo: Ministry of National Development
Minister Desmond Lee (third from left) officiated the topping out ceremony of Avenue South Residence with (from left) Singapore Land Group Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Eu; United Tec Construction Managing Director Allan Tan; UOL Group Chief Executive Liam Wee Sin; and BCA Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Wong.
Photo: Ministry of National Development

In line with Singapore’s government push for productivity and sustainability to transform the built environment sector, UOL has been embracing technology and innovation for our development projects.

We were one of the first developers in Singapore in 2016 to adopt the then new prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) technology to build the 40-storey twin towers of The Clement Canopy, followed by Clavon, which comprises two 37-storey towers.

Avenue South Residence is another of our project using the PPVC method. More than 3,000 free-standing volumetric apartment modules completed with internal finishes, fixtures and fittings, were built in a factory in Tuas and transported to the construction site to be stacked one on top of the other. The 1,074-unit residential development, located at the doorstep of the Greater Southern Waterfront, comprises two 56-storey towers reaching 192 metres and five low-rise conservation blocks. Avenue South Residence will be the world’s tallest PPVC residential building when completed in 2023, thus surpassing our own record for The Clement Canopy, which was completed in 2019.

Using the PPVC method, about 40% in manpower and time savings for Avenue South Residence was achieved. Other benefits included reduced pollution and noise, improved health and safety of construction workers and people living and working near the project site, and improved quality control. In addition to the adoption of PPVC, Avenue South Residence incorporates the use of CarbonCure, a type of green concrete that reduces carbon emissions compared with conventional concrete.

Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for National Development & Minister-in-charge of Social Services Integration, was the guest of honour at the topping out ceremony of Avenue South Residence held on 25 February 2022. In his speech, Mr Lee said Avenue South Residence is a good example of how the built environment sector can be more productive, sustainable and resilient. He was encouraged that firms also did their part to keep projects going, and support the rest of the firms within their alliance despite the disruptions brought about by the pandemic.

“In a way, this project has shown us that it is still possible to press on with our transformative efforts, even in the midst of a crisis as big as a pandemic, as long as all partners are committed to this goal,” said Minister Desmond Lee.

UOL Group Chief Executive Liam Wee Sin also noted that COVID-19 has hit the built environment sector hard, causing manpower challenges and supply chain disruptions, among others.

“Avenue South Residence has demonstrated how government policies and initiatives, together with industry adoption of digitalisation and technology, can help the built environment industry improve productivity, attract talent and build resilience to grow for tomorrow. To overcome some of the issues aggravated by COVID-19, we must adopt digitalisation for integrated digital delivery; decarbonisation to address long-term climate change issues; and develop industry alliance to accelerate transformation as exemplified in this project,” Mr Liam said.

Mr Kelvin Wong, Chief Executive Officer of BCA, was also present at the topping out ceremony. He said: “BCA would like to thank our partners — UOL, SingLand, Kheng Leong Company and United Tec Construction — for your passionate belief in approaching development with an alliance and taking a long-term view of firm partnerships to drive transformation. It will serve as an inspiration to many, and your alliance’s achievement is an important milestone in the transformation journey of Singapore’s built environment sector. We look forward to working even more closely with industry leaders like yourselves to transform the sector.”

UOL has been sharing our experience and knowledge of the PPVC technology with industry partners over the years to support the Singapore’s promotion of technology to drive productivity. We will continue to leverage our expertise and invest in innovative technologies to transform the built environment sector into one which is more sustainable and resilient.

Ministry of National Development’s infographic on Avenue South Residence was included in Minister Desmond Lee’s Facebook post.
Ministry of National Development’s infographic on Avenue South Residence was included in
Minister Desmond Lee’s Facebook post.
The paintings were themed after children and sports.
The strong alliance among industry partners contributed to the construction success of Avenue South Residence. The UOL project team was led by Jenny Swee (second from left), General Manager (Project Development), who was with her team member (first on left), the partners from United Tec Construction (third and fourth on right)
and Minister Desmond Lee.
Photo: Ministry of National Development
In support of the Singapore government’s push for productivity, UOL embraces the use of technology and engineering design to move towards sustainable construction method.

The Clement Canopy
The Clement Canopy (artist’s impression) will be the tallest concrete prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction in the world* when completed in 2020.

The Clement Canopy

In 2016, UOL embarked on our first prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction project for The Clement Canopy, a 505-unit condominium that comprises two 40-storey towers in Clementi. Through our appointed main contractor Dragages Singapore, we draw on the engineering innovation and global expertise in this technology of the award-winning Bouygues Group.

Cited as a “game changing” technology by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the prefabricated prefinised volumetric construction method involves designing construction to be done in a controlled factory environment as far as possible. Prefabricated concrete modules are prefinised, for example with cabinetry and painting works, before they are assembled on site.

With most of the work completed at the factory, manpower and materials can be more efficiently planned and deployed. The tradesmen can carry out their works in a sheltered manufacturing environment, improving quality control and site safety. Dust and noise pollution are also minimised on-site.

We are cognisant that the prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction technology is a relatively new process and as such, we actively engaged business partners and regulations early in the design and construction process to enable a smooth experience for all, including the nearby communities.

*Correct at time of publication.
Riverbank@Fernvale (artist’s impression photos) promotes an outdoor living environment where residents can experience a variety of outdoor activities.
Riverbank@Fernvale (artist’s impression photos) promotes an outdoor living environment where residents can experience a variety of outdoor activities.

Riverbank@Fernvale is a premium waterfront development located next to Punggol Reservoir and nearby parks. Embracing the spirit of Singapore as the City of All Ages, the development obtained the Universal Design Mark Gold (Design) Award by BCA in 2014.

Much attention was devoted to creating user-friendly facilities and promoting green and outdoor living for residents. Features include dedicated lots for electric vehicles, basement bicycle lots that enable residents to cycle seamlessly to the adjacent park connector, as well as five thematic zones (The Arrival, Adventure Cove, Aquatic Park, Riverside Trail and Sky Observatory) designed to cater to users of all age groups.

Key Design Philosophy and Approach

In developing a design for everyone, the primary approach is to consider:

  • Multi-generational living
  • User-friendly features within the home
  • Family-friendly/elderly-friendly features in common areas
  • Accessible entrances and routes

The site terrain of Riverbank@Fernvale is challenged with natural undulations. In order to mitigate different ground heights, an ‘intermediate level’ was designed to create part of the jogging track. The intermediate level also forms a connecting route to multiple facilities such as fitness pavilion, fitness corner, wetland pool, nature boardwalk, relaxation deck and cascade.

The development also created an amphitheater as part of the resident interaction space. These facilities are accessible to all via series of ramps, ambulant staircases and lift connections.

Given the abundant facilities, it is important to ensure it is easy to get around. Meticulous considerations were taken to design simple and informative signages. Most of the signages are completed with Braille for the visually impaired.

Features which encourage inclusive living include:

  • Wide range of unit types catering for diverse requirements, including dual-key units for multigenerational living
  • External staircases with tactile for the ambulant disabled
  • Wheelchair-friendly children’s play equipment and fitness equipment
  • Ramps and railings for easy access to pool area
  • Spacious family toilet with diaper changing station at common areas, in addition to conventional gents’ and ladies’ toilets
  • Hand rails for selected loft units with furniture deck staircase
Riverbank@Fernvale (artist’s impression photos).
Riverbank@Fernvale (artist’s impression photos).

UOL acknowledges the close relationship between art and design. Since 2014, UOL has been supporting ART:DIS (formerly known as Very Special Arts Singapore), which empowers people with disabilities through arts.

UOL has been purchasing ART:DIS paintings for our residential showflats.
UOL has been purchasing ART:DIS paintings for our residential showflats.

UOL regularly purchases paintings from ART:DIS to support its artists and help them to engage with a wider social community. To date, we have purchased about 50 paintings for display at our residential showflats. In 2017, PPHG collaborated with ART:DIS to produce a rendered drawing based on an aerial photo of Kampong Glam, which is in the vicinity of PARKROYAL on Beach Road. The artwork occupies a place at the Front Desk in the hotel lobby.

Wherever possible, UOL provides opportunities for ART:DIS artists to showcase their works. In June 2018, we dedicated a space for ART:DIS when we held our first community event in Bishan. In support of the charity’s fundraising efforts, our Management took the lead and purchased some of their paintings. We have also been sponsoring spaces at our hotels for ART:DIS to hold art exhibitions to create awareness about the charity and support the livelihood of the artists, whose paintings are made available for sale.

Community project as part of UOL’s 50th anniversary

UOL commissioned 18 art pieces by VSA artists and installed them in the pedestrian underpass that links our two malls in Novena.
UOL commissioned 18 art pieces by VSA artists and installed them in the pedestrian underpass that links our two malls in Novena.

It is important to us to encourage the spirit of giving, even as we celebrate our 50 years of growth. In June 2014, UOL partnered VSA to use our space to showcase artworks by artists with disabilities.

UOL commissioned 18 art pieces by VSA artists and reproduced them into a 200-foot long mural entitled ‘A Kaleidoscope of Colours’. Supported by the National Arts Council and Land Transport Authority, the mural was installed on each side of the wall in the pedestrian underpass linking two of our malls, United Square and Velocity@Novena Square. Mr Sam Tan, Minister of State, Prime Minister’s Office and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, was present to officiate the art installation.

Leveraging our assets and influence, we also sponsored spaces for VSA to exhibit and sell their artworks at our malls in support of their fund-raising efforts. Mall tenants were encouraged to participate by donating items for charity auctions. Over two days, we raised more than $30,000 for VSA.

The paintings were themed after children and sports.
The paintings were themed after children and sports.